11 Amazing Reasons Being An Aunt Is The Best Job Ever

It’s not that you’re trying to buy their love, but you can’t help feeling your heart melt when they smile back at you for getting them a new toy, an extra scoop of ice cream, or a few more minutes of TV time.

2. Babysitting Earns Brownie Points With Your Sibling

It’s the ultimate win-win: you get to spend quality time with the kiddo and look like the best sister ever at the same time!

3. You Can Tell Them Embarrassing Stories About Their Parents

Just remember, your sibling has that ammo ready to go on you too, so be careful what you spill.
4. You Don’t Have To Change Diapers

Aunts who want to go above and beyond might go ahead and volunteer for diaper duty, but it’s totally optional.

5. You Get To Keep Your Own Schedule

Parents’ worlds turn upside down and revolve exclusively around their kid, as it should be. But you can show up for playtime fun whenever you feel like it!

6. Hearing Them Say ‘I Love You’ Makes Your Day

I have so many videos of my nephew saved on my phone where he’s saying, “Love you, Dess” (he hasn’t quite figured out J-sounds yet), and even if I’m in the worst mood, they can still make me smile.
7. You Don’t Have To Worry About Discipline

Obviously you can’t let them run totally wild, but when it comes to really laying down the law, you can pass them over to Mom or Dad.

8. Even Their Fits Are Adorable

They might feel like the whole world is crumbling around them for the smallest reason, but their silly faces still make you smile — especially if you get to be the hero.

9. You Finally Have A Backseat Buddy On Road Trips

I was on toddler entertainment duty during a recent family trip and had my nephew wrapped around my finger by reading books, playing music, and making weird noises to crack him up.

10. You Get To Watch Them Grow Into Tiny Adults

This is a little bittersweet, especially if you live far away from them like I do, but it’s mostly incredible to see how fast they grow and change over time — especially since you don’t have to worry about taking them to doctor’s appointments or parent/teacher conferences along the way.

11. They Come To You For Advice

As they get older, they might need some life lessons that they’re just not comfortable talking to their parents about, like dating or fashion advice. Obviously you wouldn’t keep anything super important from your sibling, but these kids know they can trust you.

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