Abandoned puppy in a fire, becomes member of fire department after firefighter rescues him

Thank u bill for rescuing him and for saving all the lives u do.

When a man decided to rescue a puppy he had found at work, he thought he was saving an innocent life. Little did he know, however, that this puppy would grow up to turn into something that he would’ve never expected…


Meet Bill Linder. All throughout Bill’s life, he’s been saving lives by putting his own life at risk. A firefighter, Bill came across a badly burned 3 week old pitbull puppy while searching through a burning building one day. Bill knew that he couldn’t leave the puppy to perish, so he picked him up and rescued him.


The puppy, who Bill named Jake, was suffering from burns around 75% of his body when he was found. The family who owned Jake didn’t want to pay for the bills. Bill said,

“…it wasn’t the fact of the costs because most vets do have payment options. No vet will hold your pet ransom. The family just walked out of the vet office without even filling out the payment paperwork.”

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