Hidden Cameras Film A Pit Bull Chasing A Car After Being Pushed Out

Story of a dog called Mojave , the footage even shows the poor dog running after the speeding car..

The Mojave desert is a lonely place, and not someplace to get lost. Maybe that’s why the name fits this dog so well.
Image Credit: Examiner

Mojave was found by animal control under some of the weirdest, most foul circumstances that you could imagine. Animal control was alerted to his existence by a Kansas City Codes Enforcement officer who was monitoring illegal trash dumping.


Image Credit: Examiner

Way out in the woods, people will dump trash so they don’t have to pay fines or for trash service. This is a huge problem, and cameras had been set up at several site popular for the activity.

That is how the officer came face to face with a video of Mojave’s previous family pushing him out of the car at one of these spots, like he was garbage!


Image Credit: Examiner

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