Mom Doesn’t Know She’s On Candid Camera When Mysterious Packages Show Up At Her Door

Heidi is a kindergarten teacher devoted to her job. She’s the kind of teacher you wish you would have had as a kid and the kind you hope your kids have someday. All she wants is to make learning for her students better and easier.

Rachael Ray set up a surprise for Heidi, who had no idea she was entering a live video chat with the talk show host.

“I just love the kids so much,” Heid said. “Every day is different, and every day you’re making a difference in these kids’ lives. It’ something so small, but you never know the impact you’re making on these kids’ lives.”

All Heidi wanted was a new computer system that would help her students learn better. She wanted it for her class and for three other teachers she knew. But there was just no money in the budget for it.

“This system makes every student pay attention, it grabs everyone’s attention,” Heidi told Rachael over the phone.

Anything that makes a group of 4- to 6-year-olds pay attention has got to be miraculous. Just as Rachael and Heidi were chatting, the doorbell rang. Heidi had no idea who it was. Then suddenly a mailman was at the door with four boxes.

Heidi had no idea she was being filmed until she put it all together: Rachael had called to give her the surprise. Inside the boxes were the four devices she was hoping for.

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